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Experienced Litigation Attorneys

The civil litigation practice at The Angell Law Firm, P.C., represents individuals and commercial clients throughout all California state courts and the U.S. District Court for the Northern and Eastern Districts of California. We use litigation methods as well as forms of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration. Lawyers at our firm represent plaintiffs and defendants alike, striving to protect our clients’ rights under the law and attain the most successful outcome for their situations.

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Experienced Litigators On Your Side

Attorneys at our firm have extensive experience in civil litigation. We will not hesitate to protect our clients’ rights in court. Civil matters can include a broad range of family, financial and business issues. We represent clients who are bringing forward lawsuits as well as those defending lawsuits. Our firm represents clients in litigious matters that include the following:

We understand that court involvement in any legal matter can be a disruptive and complex time. Our attorneys can guide you through every step of this complicated process. We interpret documents and contracts, provide guidance and advocate for our clients in an aggressive yet professional and courteous manner.

Mediation And Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration are forms of alternative dispute resolution that may be advisable in certain situations. Mediation and arbitration can be cost-effective and are often considered a more amicable approach to litigation. We will discuss with you your goals and formulate the best approach toward resolving your dispute or lawsuit.

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