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Probate And Estate Litigation

We work within a specialized area of law involving trust litigation in probate court concerning real estate as well as business ownership and operation. We assist trustees and beneficiaries with estates as a whole – as well as real estate within the trust – with management, improvements, questions regarding title and possible sale of the property. If a trust is the owner of a business that needs to be managed or sold, we can help.

The Complexities Of Probate Litigation

The Angell Law Firm, P.C., handles matters involving probate litigation. Our attorneys represent the rights of beneficiaries as well as personal representatives of the estate. With probate or estate litigation, there are often legal, as well as personal and emotional issues. Families are complex, and nowhere is the complexity better demonstrated than in the dynamics that can surround the death of a family member and the distribution of their estate.

Estate Administration Issues?

We understand the California law as it applies to probate, trust and estate administration. We also understand the challenges beneficiaries can face when dealing with the administration and distribution of the assets from an estate.

You may believe you were promised certain assets by a parent or other family member and when the distribution fails to meet those expectations, you may have legitimate concerns regarding the handling of the estate. Our experienced attorneys can help you determine if those concerns are actionable.

Similarly, if you are a personal representative or trustee, beneficiaries may have unreasonable expectations, and properly responding, especially if they are family or relatives, can be difficult. Our attorneys provide you with knowledgeable guidance, allowing you to effectively execute your fiduciary duties and minimize the expense to the estate and your own liability.

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