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Protecting Your Rights In Boundary Disputes

It’s an invisible line, but not an imaginary one. Property line disputes are as old as the concept of private property. These conflicts tend to be emotionally charged and more legally complicated than one might think. If you find yourself at odds with a neighbor or government entity over property boundaries, seek legal counsel sooner, rather than later, to assert your rights and find a resolution.

The Angell Law Firm, P.C., brings knowledgeable advocacy to property line disputes. We represent homeowners, townhome residents, businesses and other landowners in Lafayette and communities throughout Contra Costa County. We aim to resolve conflicts out of court, but our lawyers have the experience and ability to stand up for you if litigation is the best or only path forward.

Property Lines, Encroachment And Nuisance

Many people don’t know exactly where their property ends until a conflict arises or a surveyor breaks the news. The Angell Law Firm, P.C., has represented parties on both sides of boundary disputes, whether someone is encroaching on your property rights or you are accused of violating theirs.

Our wide experience in real estate law and property disputes includes many scenarios:

  • Structures on or over the boundary line – fences, retaining walls, trees
  • Setback violations – driveways, sheds, garages or additions too close to the lot line
  • Nuisance – overgrown trees or shrubs extending onto a neighboring property
  • Spite fences – eyesores or overly tall fencing or hedges erected to annoy a neighbor
  • Conditional use permits – construction beyond what was authorized
  • Boundary line disputes – disagreements between landowners over where the lot line is located
  • Title disputes – boundary line discrepancies that can derail real estate transactions
  • Easement disputes – access or use of shared land such as a road or driveway
  • Adverse possession – staking a claim to abutting property based on historic use
  • Quiet title action – a lawsuit to settle a disputed title to the property
  • Fraud or nondisclosure – failure to disclose a known boundary issue to a buyer

Resolution And Litigation

California statutes and local ordinances and building codes provide guidance, but sometimes the law is ambiguous or the parties disagree about the actual location of boundaries. One common source of conflict is an existing structure that encroaches but poses no conflicts until one party wants to sell their property. Another common scenario is objections raised mid-construction or after the structure is built.

The remedy to boundary disputes can be drastic, such as requiring a homeowner to remove or relocate a structure at great expense. We explore all possible solutions, including monetary reimbursement for damage or loss of use. We will initiate or defend lawsuits and motions for injunctive relief. When litigation is required, our firm has a network of surveyors, appraisers, inspectors and other experts who can give their professional opinion.

We Are On Your Side Of The Line

You can count on The Angell Law Firm, P.C., to faithfully and vigorously protect your property rights in these complex disputes. To discuss your situation, call our Lafayette law office at 925-951-0796 or contact us online. In your low-cost initial consultation, we will explain your rights and options.